A Great Experience from the First Visit


Greeted with a great smile  


                  Feel our genuine care as Kiera with a weath of knowledge welcomes you to our office and answers all your questions including insurance queries. 


  Meet Dr. Pham  


                  A dental exam will be conducted with the help of the state of the art intraoral camera.  You will be amazed to see and understand dentistry at a different level.  You are the center of our attention as we learn more about you, listen to what you want to achieve, and cater to what you need.  Then you will be discussed about any accomplishments, possible problems, solutions and options that suit you best.  As you leave after your first visit, you will feel like a whole new person that knows a lot more about your dental health than ever before.  You will also see the passion Dr. Pham has for her patients and feel the personal connection with our staff because you are a part of our family now.


Convenience is Key

       We strive to make the process easy and convenient under your fingertips.

        We offer as early as 7am and as late as 5pm appointments.                    

          We most likely accomodate same day aapointments for emergency situations.



All of our forms are filled online by follow this link