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6 Unbelievable Facts About Dentures

by | Nov 27, 2023 | General Dentistry

Dentures are a remarkable general dentistry invention that has been transforming lives for centuries. These artificial replacements for missing teeth have come a long way in terms of design, materials, and functionality. While many people are familiar with the concept of dentures, there are some unbelievable facts about them that might surprise you. 

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In today’s blog, we explore some of the most intriguing and unexpected aspects of dentures.

1. Dentures Have a Long History

Dentures are not a recent development in the world of dentistry. In fact, their history dates back to ancient civilizations. These civilizations were known to make and use rudimentary dentures, often creating them from human and animal teeth. 

Dentures have come a long way since then. Dentists create modern versions from durable and lifelike materials, like acrylic, porcelain, and metal.

2. George Washington’s Wooden Teeth Were Not Wooden

There is a widely circulated myth that the first American president, George Washington, wore dentures crafted from wood. In reality, his dentures were not made of wood but rather a combination of materials. Indeed, his rudimentary appliance contained human teeth (often taken straight from his slaves’ mouths), animal teeth, and even lead

3. Professional Dentures Are Custom-Made

Of course, there are always budget-friendly, one-size-fits-most dentures that patients can pursue. However, these commercial devices often cause more harm than good.

A pair of professional dentures, however, is custom-made to fit an individual’s mouth perfectly. This personalized approach allows for a natural and aesthetically pleasing appearance, ensuring that the dentures look and feel like real teeth.

4. Dentures Can Be Full or Partial

Dentures come in two main types: partial or full. For patients with total tooth loss, full dentures are best. However, patients with sporadic tooth loss can benefit from partial dentures because they work alongside any remaining natural teeth. 

5. Dental Implants Can Improve Denture Stability

For those looking for a more stable and long-term solution to dentures, dental implants may be just what the dentist ordered. These false tooth roots fuse with the jawbone over time, providing a sturdy anchor for dentures to attach. As a result, implants eliminate the risk of slipping or discomfort associated with removable dentures.

6. Dentures Aren’t Just for Seniors

While dentures are often associated with older individuals, they can be needed at any age. Tooth loss can result from various factors, including accidents, dental diseases, or congenital conditions. Even younger people may require dentures to restore their smiles and oral functionality.

Personalized Dentures in Las Vegas, NV

Whether you’re a senior looking to improve your quality of life or a younger individual seeking a solution for missing teeth, dentures can be a truly incredible option. These devices don’t just restore functionality – they enhance overall aesthetics, too. If you’re interested in replacing missing teeth, contact Miracle Dental today. You can request appointments online anytime or during office hours at (702) 456-0056.