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Can Invisalign® give you cavities?

by | Feb 28, 2024 | Cosmetic Dentistry

In recent years, Invisalign has gained immense popularity as a tactful and effective alternative to traditional braces for teeth straightening. As people embrace this innovative cosmetic dentistry solution, concerns about oral health have arisen, with some wondering if wearing clear aligners can lead to cavities. 

For most people with good oral hygiene habits and mildly to moderately misaligned teeth, Invisalign is an ideal option. If you want to see if you’re a suitable candidate, contact Drs. Ann Pham and Halan Tran at Miracle Dental. You can schedule appointments at our Las Vegas, NV, dental office at (702) 456-0056.

In today’s post, we explore the likelihood of developing dental decay while using clear aligners. We also discuss factors that can either increase or decrease cavity development while wearing Invisalign, helping you navigate the treatment with fewer complications.

Understanding Invisalign

The Invisalign system is unique in that it consists of clear, custom-made aligners that gradually shift teeth into their optimal positions. Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign wearers can take their aligners out whenever they choose. This makes oral hygiene much easier, as there are no pesky brackets or wires to work around. 

Likelihood of Cavities While Wearing Clear Aligners

The good news is that Invisalign, when used correctly, is not directly responsible for causing cavities. The smooth, BPA-free plastic aligners are much less likely to harbor harmful bacteria compared to traditional braces with brackets and wires. 

However, there are indirect factors that may increase the risk of cavities during Invisalign treatment, including:

Hygiene Habits

Maintaining proper oral hygiene is crucial regardless of whether you are using clear aligners or traditional braces. Failing to brush and floss regularly can lead to plaque buildup, increasing the risk of cavities. 

With Invisalign, it’s essential to clean both the aligners and your teeth thoroughly after eating and before reinserting the aligners.

Dietary Choices

One of the advantages of clear aligners is the ability to remove the trays while eating. However, this also means that individuals may be tempted to snack frequently throughout the day without considering the impact on their dental health. 

Sugary and acidic foods are two primary culprits of dental decay. So, it is important to be mindful of dietary choices during Invisalign treatment.

Dehydration and Dry Mouth

Saliva plays a critical role in neutralizing acids and preventing tooth decay. But, unfortunately, wearing clear aligners for an extended period may result in reduced saliva flow. This reduction in saliva flow can lead to dry mouth, which can cause cavities rapidly

To combat this, staying well-hydrated and using artificial saliva can help stimulate saliva production and mitigate the risk of cavities.

Skipping Regular Dental Check-ups

Regular dental check-ups are an important part of clear aligner therapy. These appointments help monitor your oral health and address any concerns before they become major problems. So, be sure to attend all dental check-ups during clear aligner treatment to ensure your ultimate success.

Explore Invisalign Treatment in Las Vegas, NV

While clear aligners themselves do not directly contribute to cavities, certain factors can increase the likelihood of dental decay during treatment. Remember, the goal is not just a straighter smile but a healthier one, too. If you have any concerns, consult our dentists in Las Vegas, NV. You can reach Miracle Dental anytime here or during office hours at (702) 456-0056.