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5 Signs That Your Toothache Is an Emergency

by | Mar 28, 2024 | Emergency Dentistry

Many of us dismiss a toothache as a minor inconvenience, but sometimes it can indicate a more serious problem that requires emergency dentistry. Ignoring the signs of a dental crisis can lead to worsening pain, infection, and even tooth loss. 

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Sometimes, tooth pain and sensitivity go away on their own. Other times, the pain persists, indicating an emerging problem. Here are five signs that your toothache may be an emergency:

Severe and Persistent Pain

A mild toothache that comes and goes may not necessarily be a cause for alarm, but if you’re experiencing intense and constant pain, it could indicate a serious issue, like:

  • Advanced decay
  • Infection
  • An abscess. 

The pain may be throbbing, sharp, or accompanied by swelling in the gums or face

If the pain is so intense that it disrupts your daily activities or keeps you awake at night, it’s crucial to seek emergency dental care.

Swelling in the Gums or Face

Swelling in the gingival tissue or face (especially if it’s accompanied by pain) is a red flag for a dental emergency. 

This swelling could indicate an infection that has spread beyond the tooth and into the surrounding tissues. In some cases, the swelling may be severe enough to cause difficulty breathing or swallowing.

Ignoring facial swelling can lead to serious complications, so it’s essential to see our emergency dentists in Las Vegas as soon as possible.

Fever and Chills

A toothache combined with fever and chills is a sign that the infection (called an abscess) has spread and become systemic

If ignored, a dental abscess can lead to complications such as sepsis, a life-threatening condition that requires emergency medical care

If you’re experiencing fever and chills along with your toothache, don’t hesitate to seek emergency dental treatment.

Difficulty Eating or Opening Your Mouth

If your toothache is making it difficult for you to eat or open your mouth fully, it could indicate a serious underlying issue. This difficulty may be caused by inflammation, infection, or damage to the tooth or surrounding tissues. 

In some cases, a dental emergency (such as a fractured tooth or dislodged filling) may be to blame. Whatever the cause, if you’re experiencing significant impairment in your ability to eat or open your mouth, it’s important to see a dentist right away.

Bleeding or Pus Around the Tooth

Bleeding or pus on the gums or around the tooth is a clear sign of infection and should not be ignored. 

Pus may indicate the presence of an abscess, while bleeding gums could be a sign of advanced gum disease or a dental injury. In either case, prompt treatment is essential to prevent further complications and preserve your oral health. 

Toothache? Call our Las Vegas dentists now.

A toothache should never be taken lightly, especially if it’s accompanied by any of the signs mentioned above. In fact, many health services recommend alerting a dentist if a toothache lasts for longer than two days. So, don’t delay – schedule an appointment at Miracle Dental online or at (702) 456-0056 for rapid care.